Prof Jonathan Moyo spills the beans in New Book

Zimbabwe’s outspoken politician and former Zanu PF member Jonathan Moyo is set to reveal what are termed to be deep secrets and tell the untold stories on how his life has been on the edge just like his late father’s life.

Moyo who left the country after the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe has used twitter as his main communication tool.

He announced on his twitter account that he will pen a letter to his late father which will give details on how his life has been like and most of all give details of the regimes in Zimbabwe.

“One of the two books I’m working on, LETTERS TO MY FATHER, is an academic memoir in which I unravel state politics in Zim since King Lobengula & tell my father my story since his brutal murder; especially my ordeal in the ZanuPF leadership ranks between 2000-05 & 2009-17,” read his tweet.

Moyo commands respect on twitter and he is the most active politician, he has used the tool to attack the Mnangagwa government and unmask some of the secrets and propaganda that were used and some that are currently being used by Zanu PF to maintain power and manipulate the system.

He also adds that his book will reveal the untold stories of the November 2017 coup.

“LETTERS TO MY FATHER” starts with the Nov 2017 coup. I tell my father untold things about the coup. I tell him that Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Shiri & others who sent soldiers to torture & murder him; also sent soldiers to come after me & my family but his spirit & God intervened,” he added.

The politician has also attacked business man Strive Masiyiwa revealing how the business mogul has been linked to the ruling Zanu PF and at some point sponsored campaigns.

Prof Moyo has always been beater about his father’s death who was killed during Gukurahundi in 1983.

The book is a must read for all those who are interested in Jonathan’s side of the story.

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