Open letter to Haru Mutasa


Haru at some point you was Zimbabwe’s sweetheart our children looked up to you and at some point every broadcaster envied your success.

All these can be changed over night. We are not saying please everyone but you need to know your timing very well.

The post you tweeted earlier today angered most of your countrymen. It was really insensitive for you to call on Zimbabweans to appreciate the ills and neglect they are getting from their own government.

You are Zimbabwean first before you are an international broadcaster. Most of all you are human first before you are anything else. When you get some time please revisit your tweeter and see if your two tweets reflect any of those vices of being human first before anything else and being Zimbabwean before being an international figure.

Out of all journalists you are the one expected to tell the Zimbabwean story better than any other person.

Even if internet has been blocked in so many countries you should at least try and sympathize with the ordinary citizens rather than you telling them to be ‘strong it happens everywhere so they shouldn’t be angry’ really Haru you can surely do better than that.

I have nothing against you i appreciate your input in telling the African story but you should know that in times like these you are people’s only hope that you will take their message to the rest of the world and let the whole world know how badly Zimbabweans and Africans are being treated out here.

Remember you have over 70k followers and some from different nations and most of them depend on your tweets for current affairs updates im sure today from one of your tweets everyone would think the situation in Zimbabwe isn’t that bad after all.

I would personally suggest you apologize to your followers for fueling the already burning anger .

In shona they say Seka chirima Wafa all I can tell is that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Im sure you know what that means .

People are not pleased by how you handled the whole internet shutdown saga.

For those who would like to check out the tweets you can visit her tweeter page

Thank you for your time.

Keith Mlauzi

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