Did Nox lie about his relationship with Tallyn ?

Liar pants on fire!!!

It appears what would be the power couple of 2019 is just a fantasy in Nox’s head and a drean that would never come true.

The common saying goes , “we flirt, you catch feelings and i post Bae’s picture” this has become a reality to our dear musician.

Tallyn Ndudzo and Nox took a picture that was then posted by the muso on his Instagram page and when people asked if the lady in the picture was his better half Nox did not hesitate to claim Ndudzo was the new Bae.

Ndudzo approached the NewsGuard team to make the right corrections about her relationship with Nox.

“I am not his girl friend i just took a picture with him as fan anf promoter,” said Ndudzo.

Nox deleted the picture of him and Ndudzo but how ever social media had already gathered the pictures and stored them

Below is the picture gathered from Ndudzo’s instagram page of his husband she posted him two day back a day after Nox’s lies had made rounds.

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